Crypto to Fiat Debit Card

How to get an account with a payment institution that offers crypto to fiat conversion and also gives a debit card?

There are several providers that offer this service. It is very unlikely you will find it among traditional banks, but there are electronic money institutions that will support you.

One of them is a licensed e-money issuer with the FCA, UK. This is a hybrid personal banking solution that integrates the benefits of blockchain technology into everyday finances. A secure, all-in-one account enables users to take advantage of both cryptocurrencies and traditional currencies, minus the limitations imposed by financial institutions. Not only will you get a chance to buy, store traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies, you will also be able to get a debit VISA card that works on ATMs worldwide.

This card automatically converts more than 16 digital currencies and traditional currencies at the point of sale. 16 crypto or traditional currencies including BTC, ETH, XRP, AUD, HKD, JPY, GBP and many more are available.

Is everyone welcome to open the account?

In terms of a type of account yes, both corporate clients and private individuals will be able to open the account. But there are some territorial limitations. In other words, it pretty much makes a difference where you or your company are from. The majority of European countries are definitely supported, as well as a solid part of Asia Pacific (Singapore, Japan, Australia, Philippines, HOng Kong, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and New Zealand). The rest of the world is not supported.  But Findove has similar solutions for other territories. You can learn more by contacting us.

How can you apply for account opening?

For both business and personal  accounts, there is a standard set of requirements/documents. Account opening is done remotely by applying with simple scans of documentation. Of course, these documents need to be prepared properly, while banking forms require special eye for a detail. Findove will help you there. After your personal or business account is approved you will be able to operate your account via e-banking and order a debit card. 

There are no requirements for minimum balance and deposit on the account (unless the client is talking about top-up via external card).

Overall, work with crypto currencies becomes simplified!