Personal account for Canadians in EU

In general, citizens and residents of Canada and the USA are facing many problems with non-resident bank account opening.  Also, very unfortunately, the majority of banks in the EU or UK simply do not open accounts for private individuals from Canada.

Where Canadians CAN open a bank account?

Canadians can still set up non-resident accounts in some parts of the Caribbean, Africa, even Europe, but those parts of Europe that are not EU.

Bank account opening for Canadian private individuals is possible with a payment service provider licensed in Lithuania. The account can be open remotely and fully online. Documents that will most certainly be required are a passport copy and a utility bill, not older than 3 months.

What can this payment service offer to Canadians?

This is a flexible online current account that can be easily managed with complete safety.  Clients can choose the solution that best reflects their needs among Basic, Standard and Premium plans. The payment service ensures that in order to protect the Clients’ funds it has opted for the method of segregation of Clients’ funds from its own funds, i.e. the Clients’ funds are held in a separate bank account opened for the Clients of the payment service. However, they are not used for the purposes of the payment service itself, are not lent or invested, therefore in case of insolvency, the clients cannot lose their funds kept in their accounts.

The Personal online account was designed to facilitate all transactions, even with foreign countries. You will be able to transfer money WORLDWIDE with fast and safe SWIFT payments

Contactless Mastercards are available. You can use these cards to withdraw cash on ATMs, receive salary or pension, pay online, book hotels, flights and holidays and purchase in stores. This card has been designed to guarantee the highest level of security using the SECURE CODE 3D system.

With this prepaid card, it will not be possible to access the bank account in case of theft. You can lock and unlock your card in real-time and check your balance from the comfort of your PC or smartphone. The maximum monthly transaction limit is EUR 100.000, while the maximum daily withdrawal limit is EUR 1,000.

How can I open this account?

It is easy, Findove can help you set up your personal account in just a couple of days. Just sign up for a free consultation by clicking here and we will get back to you.