A Bank Account in North Macedonia

This is definitely the time when a majority of banks replies with “no” to account opening applications to non-resident clients.  BUt there are still banks that like to work with non-residents. THe whole list of some of those banks can be found here

Banking in North Macedonia is a new alternative that can be attractive both for corporate and private individuals.

Bank account in North Macedonia offers tax advantages, access to international markets and currencies. It enables international transactions, as well as access to investment products and asset management.

It can solve several problems that one can face with their resident banking: limitations with international transfers, operations with foreign currencies and no reliable banking system.

Why is it worth to open a bank account in Northern Macedonia?

The bank in North MAcedonia is the only one in the region with 100% Swiss capital. This speaks of banking proficiency and that is not the end. Maceodian bank, like all other banks in Balkans, hold the legacy of the old, well developed and respected Yugoslaian banking system. 

Unlike with other banks in North Macedonia, there are no requirements for minimum deposit for both private individuals and corporate clients. No minimum balance on the account is required for both private individuals and corporate clients, either. This makes it easier for clients who do not wish their money to “lie down” on the account to choose North Macedonia. The Bank provides Home Banking system (Internet banking) for both transactions and balance review. Debit cards are available only for private individuals:  VISA Electron Green, American Express Point, American Express Green, American Express Gold. Clients can open bank accounts in EUR, USD, GBP, AUD, SEK, CHF. 

Banking is considerably cheaper than in EU.

Other than that, the bank does not only offer regular services for private clients and companies. A wide range of other banking services is available, including Loans, deposits, bank vaults and safety deposit boxes, bank guarantees, overdraft, securities trading;

How does North Macedonia offer more privacy than other jurisdictions?

It is actually quite simple. North MAcedonia is still not a member of the Common Reporting Standard. Therefore there is no exchange of banking information with other jurisdictions. You can find more about CRS member countries here.

How can you open a bank account in North Macedonia?

It is quite simple, Findove can help you. The bank account opening process is done remotely for both private individuals and corporate clients. You can learn more by contacting us.