Acquiring & payment service provider in UK

It is quite hard to find a decent licensed card payment processor. However there are those that integrate not only corporate accounts but also automatically can give access to merchant accounts for all different types of cards. One of the very few is located and licensed in the UK.

What are the benefits?

The provider offers technical features that facilitate you to receive payments worldwide by having the following specifics: Visa and Mastercard payment cards processing, Multi-currency processing, Pay out on cards (Original credit transactions and MoneySend transactions), card 2 card payments,Recurring charges set-up, Tokens (one-click payments). 3D-Secure, e-invoicing and one click payments are also available for worldwide merchants.

Can offshore companies be accepted?

No. This payment service is prone to open regular and merchant accounts only to merchants incorporated in the EU, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA etc. Although there are limitations with the jurisdiction of the company that applies, they are pretty flexible with business activities:  general e-commerce, high-risk like forex and gambling (forex and gambling merchants are considered only with license), some dating services, travel, etc. Therefore a wide range of different clients with different needs is welcome to apply for account and merchant account opening.

How to apply for corporate and merchant account opening?

It is easy. JUst let us know what type of service is needed and give us more info about your company and we will be happy to pre-approve you with this provider by giving you the exact info and fees involved for your particular case (price per MID etc…). This is free of charge and you can get in touch with us by clicking here  and filling out all necessary information.