Offshore brokerage account in Mauritius

Opening a brokerage account for your offshore company, trust or foundation offers an opportunity to invest in international financial markets and manage your money directly through an online platform – no intermediaries, private bankers or brokers are required. This type of offshore account gives you a shield of privacy that is otherwise hard to find with standard banks.

Beneficial owners of offshore companies can also be citizens of almost any country in the world. Offshore companies registered in Nevis, Cayman, Seychelles, Marshall Islands and other are welcome to apply for account opening.

A provider in Mauritius is fully authorized and regulated by Mauritius Financial Services Commission.

A unique brokerage platform gives you access to multi-asset trade with a single account and provides highly detailed reports including P/L check, performance history, returns for any account or timeframe, return breakdowns and overview total value and percentage exposure of net holdings. 

What are the benefits?

  • -You can Trade Stocks, ETFs, CFDs, Options, Bonds, Futures and Currencies
  • -Access to over 30,000 products
  • -Matching the highest security standards as they are audited by Ernst & Young and continue operating as an execution-only broker
  • Cash Products
  • Derivates
  • FX products
  • Clients assets kept only with the largest and regulated financial institutions in EU, US and Singapore.
  • -multilingual support team available 24/7
  • Privacy at the highest level
  • Citiznes and residents of USA, Canada, Latin America, Australia, Asia and EU and rest of the Europe are accepted. 
  • Offshore companies are accepted
  • Companies with nominees are accepted
  • Although banks are much slower during the pandemic of COVID-19, this provider needs around 10 days for account opening
  • You do not need to have any previously opened account for your company  

Why is this broker considered to be offshore?

Note that this provider does not exchange your financial information according to CRS and FATCA requirements and standards. We can also offer offshore company formation in classical offshore zones and those that have been popular for the last couple of years – Canada, Gibraltar etc.

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