Business accounts

Corporate clients are welcome to apply for non-resident accounts worldwide. Although there are not many banks that accept non-residents, you can still open a business in the USA, Hong Kong, EU or other jurisdictions and open a bank account in Singapore, Switzerland or other jurisdictions.

Corporate non-resident bank accounts are accounts intended primarily for diversification. Why would you need one if you are in an international business?

It is simple: it is like a spare key. You need the keys to enter your home, right? But what happens when you lose one?

Having just one bank account is history. It is quite common nowadays to have several bank accounts, very often with 1 or 2 banks and even electronic money institutions (payment services). IN case your account gets frozen, what will you do? Not to mention that you have invoices to pay, you will also not be able to receive money. Also, not all banks support all banking services. You can really benefit by having several bank accounts to make your transactions smoother and cheaper. In one bank you can have a savings account and use another one to make bulk payments to your employees. Options are endless!

Findove will help by doing the following in 5 simple steps:

1. Consultation and bank selection

ON a fist, free consultation, we will take into consideration your needs and the needs of your business and select and recommend several banks. Based on your business model and requirements you will be able to select the best option for yourself. Non-resident and offshore bank accounts can bring significant benefits such as accepting high risk business, reduce expenses and currency risks and enhance asset protection.

For a free consultation please click here.

2. Payment 

We will prepare a simple and short application about you and your needs and contact the bank to check about their “appetite” for you as a client. We will ask you a few brief questions about your nationality, country of residency, currencies you need and countries of incoming and outgoing payments. With the basic information ready, we will contact the bank to check about their “appetite” for you as a client. Although this is not a formal application it significantly increases the chances of account opening.

3. Payment 

You will need to effect the payment for bank account opening according to our fees. Please check the fees and the best banking options for opening corporate accounts

4. Bank account opening 

We will start the process of gathering documents and filling the forms while we are online with the bank.

The list of documents varies from bank to bank, but most of the time a passport copy of the beneficial owner will be required as well as corporate documents. In corporate banking, the bank gets to know you as their future client, so they need to be acquainted with you as well as with your company. You will receive updates every 2 days about the status of the application and once the account is open we will inform you immediately.

5. Your new bank account is ready!

Once your account is open, you will be able to access it from anywhere, as long as you are online. 

The decision about whether to open a bank account is solely upon the bank’s discretion, but no need to worry – if your account opening is rejected Findove will open a bank account for you in another bank with no additional charges!

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