The offshore bank account is a non-resident, overseas bank account.

Offshore company formation is tightly related to offshore bank accounts. Although a company is a “holder” of assets, the banks are the place where all the financial transactions happen. With your domestic, resident banks it is quite clear what you can or cannot do. Sometimes and very often you might need services that are simply not available.  The good news is that international banks can perform way much better! Brokerage accounts, crypto accounts, accounts for forex, gaming, better returns, exotic currencies – all that can be achieved and in your hands if you open an offshore bank account.

Overall, offshore banks are a tool for diversification, protection and stable growth of your assets. An offshore account can protect you from risks in your home country. There is one more important aspect to it and it is in high demand – privacy.

Offshore banking is beneficial and you will be able to

  • Customize your banking according to your business model and diversify your bank accounts
  • Diversify your assets
  • Protect your privacy
  • Secure your assets

Findove will help select the best offshore bank for your business model and investment companies.

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